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  • How to easily debug a shorthand return

    like a map().
  • How to handle responsive design in React

    Also works with Next.js
  • Component namespacing with Emotion

    (or styled-components or whatever CSS-in-JS)
  • How to get the last item of an array with destructuring

  • How to include a file in your SSH config

  • $ git contrib

    A new command for my git worflow.
  • How to edit a markdown in 2020, part 3: prettier

    …or how to force to use mdx parser.
  • How to edit a markdown in 2020, part 2: the different editors

    Typora, Mark Text, VSCode, etc.
  • How to edit a markdown in 2020, part 1: zmv

    Sorry .mdx but I renamed you.
  • Deploying Next.js on gh-pages

    Oops, Jekyll
  • [Reactive Search] Create a filter reset button

    "Reset all the things!”
  • Composition with styled-components or emotion

  • Extending your react component with styled-components

  • FIXME.js

  • Every time you want to use ssh, macOS asks you your passphrase? This is the fix.

  • How to use bck-i-search in your shell

  • How to avoid popup blockers when ajax + event