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Deploying Next.js on gh-pages

Oops, Jekyll

Wow, this is my first page with Next.js. I'm so glad of it! 🙌

And as it is my first deploy on GitHub too, I had just a little problem with GitHub Pages.

Indeed, as you could know, GitHub Pages use Jekyll as default, and one of theirs convention is to use _ as prefix of any folder which are used for the templating, not the final dist. Sounds not bad like that, but Next.js also uses a folder called _next for distributed assets.

So yeah, the first time I deployed my blog, it was so weird, no assets were available. 😱

I finally found the solution on the GitHub blog.

You simply must add an empty file called .nojekyll in order that GitHub doesn't think you're in a Jekyll environment. Done!

By the way, if you use the excellent command line gh-pages, do not forget to use the parameter --dotfiles to also deploy this new file.